T+ Align

Sorry i forgot to reply on this post!..
Work at the moment on a 2.8…version!

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A first look of ReAlign (base)

  • align active, selected, origin or cursor
  • align to active, to global axis or cursor
  • use offsets & distribute
  • set or copy local direction
  • align to global axis, etc.
  • lock transform axis
  • pinned: each direct or unpinned: additive in a row


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Nice! Is there an ETA for a 2.80 release?

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No! Work in progress at the moment: ReBound/ReSelect/ReAlign. Maybe around new year :wink:

Align origin to selected vertex (face, edge) , please.

You can also use this addon:
github: view3d_originset_2.9 for 2.80+
see: T+ OriginSet 2.79/2.80+
Use Selected Mesh in Editmode!

But yes, i will do it also for editmode …:wink: