T-brake in a cyclic anim on a path...

As baking goes on for a while on another file, i’m back on another exercice where i got a slugy alien “walking” on a path. Now i’m stuck on these points:

  1. The “Slug” stops in front of something - this is ok for the move along the path - and his (cyclic) gestures of “walking” must stop - to restart once he has finished.
    How can i make a brake here?
  2. Can i key variations in his cyclic gestures on the timeline?
  3. There are several softbodies involved in a same scene. Can i bake each one without loosing what has been baked just before?

It would be nice to know all that before i’ll merge further into the trap! :wink:

I have skiped the idea of using the cyclic way. I just duplicated the IPO curves and left the planed space for the other action in between.
So it’ll be OK to keyframe what’s need during the 6" brake.
Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know how it could have worked…

Have you tried using the cycle with offset on the bones, then have a separate strip
for the 6 second action, then another cyclic strip with offset for the exit walk?

If there’s still a path at the beginning, you could have two separate paths. One path would be for where you’d like him to start, to where you’d like him to stop to do the action.

The other would be from where the character stops doing the action, to where he exits, or the film ends.