T-minus 10...9...8...

My entry in the BG Steampunk contest. Modeled in Blender 2.74, rendered in Cycles-1000 samples and some post-pro in PS.

Congrats with your entry, it is really nice. Love the moon/planet. Is the smoke done in post?


nice one bro… though i think if the moon was less in vocal and different colors/less saturated it would blend in better. Still nice image

i think the composition is very well done))) as well as the image overall))

Thanks for the compliments!

The steam was done in Blender. It’s a noise texture on a plane, and I masked out what I didn’t want with vertex colors. Here’s a screen grab of the material.

Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion. I didn’t have enough time to tweak the final image before I had to submit it so I’m sure there are a few things that could have been better. I did try your suggestion, let me know what you think.

Thank you!

wow, that’s a really neat way of doing the smoke!

Cool render too! I really like his armour.

You’ve created a nice composition here and wonderful materials. Especially the brass is great. I like the second moon better and yes, that’s a cool way to do the smoke!

hmmm… i still would change the moon its looks better now. Have you checked a more soft yellowish tone?

A interesting piece. Very nicely done I think. And, quite a ingenious way to do the smoke. That I will try to keep in mind.

Yea, I think the moon looks better smaller, draws less attention. I was going for a more fantasy, artist look not realism with the color of the moon, wanted it to blend in with the color palette. Thanks again for the suggestions.

Thanks minoribus. I’ve used this method for doing smoke, dust, mist, and such things, it’s much faster than waiting 10 hrs for volumetrics to CPU render only to find out it looks like poo! Can’t wait for GPU support for volumetrics.


Thanks for the compliments! The contest results have been posted, although this didn’t win it was a finalist which I’m very pleased about. This competition had a lot of excellent entries, some of them posted here. If you haven’t already, check it out at BlenderGuru.com, you won’t be disappointed!

Congrats for that! The image that won is really epic though, it reminded me of a other image on this forum called valour… Something, they have the about the same trooper

Interesting, keep it up the good work.