T+ Origin


(mkbreuer) #1

This addon is a collection of origin tools for 2.79+

It allows you to:

  1. set the origin to center, cursor, active or selected geometry
  2. to place the origin to a point on the object bounding box
  3. or zero the origin to one of the 3d view axis
  4. wiki is in progress

Version #v2.0:
github: toolplus_origin_v2.0.zip

Image: Panel = Menu CTRL+D

(this addon is also a part of the t+ align addon)

(Jakasan) #2

Thanks it will usefull. May Im wrong, but will be fine have additional button put only 3D cursot to position - Z0, X0, y0

(handwerker) #3

Shift + C makes this

(Jakasan) #4

Thanks, I know :D. But some times (in my case) one click will faster

(mkbreuer) #5

@jakasan: here is an update. Let me know if it work for you.

Version #v1.1: align tools / zero axis / zero cursor (without view all)…

(handwerker) #6

OK, thanks fur your answer

(Jakasan) #7

Seems, you upload another addon :slight_smile: (toolplus_Scene 1.2…)

(bkjernisted) #8

I have about 6 of your t addons enabled in 2.78a but none of the toolshelves are showing up.

(mkbreuer) #9

No TAB T+ (Default for panels)?

Maybe there is conflict with other addons…

Found a mistake:
I included the update version number to some addons folder.
This is wrong.
Nothing pop up in the user preferences, when you try to install them.
I will fix it…

Otherwise: i made a installation with all the last new T+ custom. All panels are there!

(bkjernisted) #10

Thankyou MkBreuer!

(bkjernisted) #11

mkbreuer, do you know of any addons that prevent the installation of snap utilities?

(bkjernisted) #12

Need to unzip snap utilities.

(bkjernisted) #13

mkbreuer, just wondered if you did or needed to update this addon? Thanks

(mkbreuer) #14

It seems that you use a older setup.
Maybe MetaTools or SFC?
For this setup mano-wii wrote an extra version, but this works only til 2.76. (only the line cutter)
In newer setups i not integreated snap utilities, because i use the full version from the bl market.
Tell me wich setup version you use…

(bkjernisted) #15

I was able to get the snap utilities working by unpacking the zip file. However there is no T+ tab in my installation. Must be a conflict with another addon. Any suggestions?

(bkjernisted) #16

mkbreuer, your T-Origin is actually Toolplus: TP Scene Build

(mkbreuer) #17

TP Scene is updated!

@bkjernisted: please be sure you use the last version.
Maybe you have a better overview on my g+: https://plus.google.com/+MarvinKBreuer/posts

(bkjernisted) #18

Thankyou, mkbreuer!

(mkbreuer) #19

Version v1.4:
smaller version > reduced to tools with origin function > custom icons
see image in first post

(Meta-Androcto) #20

hi, your really nailing this, well done :wink: