T pipe modeling boolean doesn't work for me

Hello. I want to make T form pipe in bender 2.8, but boolean doesn’t work for me. I am doing like this: adding a circle, extruding,duplicating, rotating it and when filling all sides, when selecting one of the cylinder, and in the face option selecting “intersect (boolean)”. But i got model like this: There is other way to do this?

T Form pipe.blend (616.5 KB)

LAZYPIPE.blend (616.2 KB)

Abuse the hell out of the mirror modifier when you can for these processes, you have 2 axis’s of symmetry to use in this, but you will need to do one knife cut (commit it with the enter key) and after that it is just a little subsurf modeling with adding in a supporting edge or two, I normally do this with a 12 sided cylinder because that is just enough geometry to work with to do the thing, and no so much that it becomes obnoxious.

Also in general it is far less hassle to model the joint and then reweld it back to the rest of the model if needed.

each step is in a collection, just click the eyeballs to check the step…that sounds wonderful out of context BTW

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there is an addon for extra object which has the pipe addon with
T or Y or cross Pipe
or do it in 2.79 and import it in 2.8 !

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I completed in this way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx8YNj1Z6uY