T-Pose vs Relaxed

Hello everyone!

I am curious, on average, is it better to model and rig a character in a T-pose or a more relaxed pose?

Thanks for the help!

T-pose is the old way everyone did it, it is easier to model. Relaxed is the way to go but takes a little more skill.

Why does it take more skill?

Well it seems harder for me at least. Let’s consider the arms, proportions are not as simple in relaxed, t-pose being very easy to measure from front view to check that the arm lengths are correct. Extruding the arms is simpler if you are shooting for t-pose, constrain to the x-axis and you can be sure everything is lining up right. Legs are generally straight down or close to it.

Rigging is simpler as well in t-pose, bone rolls are quite straightforward (x and y).

But the point of doing a relaxed pose is the holy grail of character modeling for animation…good deformation!

Ok that makes sense. Thanks!

Do your modeling in the T-pose. Then do your rigging in the relaxed position.