T-REX 2010 Animation + Rig Demo

Hello, I just finished this new TREX-2010. Plus a quick animation with a demo rig tutorial.
Tutorial voice made out by Computer Software, English,Spanish and Chinese soon.

Watch Animation Here


Nice animation. The tutorial’s voice seems robotic :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice rig. I animated a TRex too and I wish mine would have been as efficient as yours.

I like it. Can you tell me how you make the blur on the jumping egg?

Thanks. Yes I am actually trying a few packages of computer voices from different Makers.
I will use other voices in further tutorials.

Oh…thanks and sorry to hear that. Where is your final work, I would like to look at it and discuss it.:smiley: I may help you out with the rig.

VectorBlur of 0.75. Nodes. “Compose”, it is very simple to setup.

Thanks for your comments.

Well you can watch my work on my YT channel (see my signature).
Thanks for proposing your help but this work is achieved now.

Man ! I really question that yours is not as good as you say. Your animation is very short, but the model is 5/5, any sketch on hand? I wanted to model a TREX like that one, with longer neck and bigger and heavier head, so if you have a side view that would be great.

Tiny is the world, your animation “Happy Birthday to you” was one of the ones that made me learn CG. Not sure but I guess Tony Mullen included the link in some of his books.

Tiny is the Blender World :slight_smile: Tony kindly accepted to include my video in his dvd.

I can assure your rig is impressive, very simple and efficient in the same time … mine was quite painful to animate but I’m not really good at rigging …

This is my reference pic for the general shape :

wicked animation! And a nice tut too!