T rex clip :)

Uploaded my little blender live footage/animation test today. Animation is crap I know, and I guess it would be cooler if the camera was moving. But it’s good experience.:eyebrowlift:


If you want to make something similar, I can help you :wink:

This can’t really be considered “live footage” since it’s pretty much a still image behind an animation. Live action usually is moving or interacting with the film, much like if you go to my site, you can watch a few clips on the home page of my aliens interacting with real live footage and the people in it.

Also, you should really put more effort into the animation if you plan on showcasing it to people. I wouldn’t come to you for help seeing what I’ve seen in this animation. I’m not knocking your work, I’m just trying to push you one step further. If you want to make live action animation, you really need to study your camera work, learn camera tracking, and most importantly, study animation so that your models move and feel like they would in the real world.

Good attempt though and good luck with future ones. :slight_smile:

Hehe, thanks. Yeah I know animation sucks bad. Just playing around with the model, I pretty much suck at everything in blender except modeling and texturing. And the model isn’t perfect either. But you gotta start somewhere right:rolleyes:

put more effort on the animation , search dino crisis 2 in youtube for reference .