T-Rex for research project

For my research project at school i am hoping to make a realistic T-Rex and place it in 2D footage via Voodoo or something. Here are some screen shots of the model so far. I now the arms look funny and its not very detailed so far but i am hoping i’m getting the general shape right so i can come back and just fix it up


you have blocked him out pretty good so far but just before his arms I would make that are bigger than his neck, that’s where the rib cage would start. but I am really impressed with your blocking out of the head you have all the big masses and volumes there.

Not so long ago, there was another author who “donated” a 3d t-rex mesh for research purposes. You may wish to search up this and use that for a reference for your project. All the best for your academic path!

Been awhile since i have done anything with the project, but recently found out its due next term so theres some progress. Started on the back portion the t-rex leaving out the feet. Still havnt remodeled the arms but have tried (worked out worse).

Looking good :slight_smile: If it’s for a research project you’ll be wanting to make sure your proportions are spot on to the currect idea of what a T-Rex looked like. What kind of reference are you using?

hmm look ad Jurassic park

I think ive run into a problem with the back legs, they seem as thoug there protruding way to much, what are your thoughts.

As u can see i’ve added some teeth and colour to the model too make it look better. Also starting to remodel those terrible front arms.

Im pretty sure im done with the teeth.

Almost ready for some refining and sculpting

Dakka Dakka Those refrence images and various jurrasic park pictures that i can find


Very nice. I can’t wait to see it with more multires, that is if you use it. For something like this (very organic) it might be interesting to use the bump map patch created by Michael W I do believe.

the neck looks wrong. it looks like just extruded it over and over again. add some skin using the displacement modifier or a skin brush in sculpt mode. If you use the displacement modifier just use the clouds texture. the snout looks a little big and noy pointy enough. i can see that its supposed to be a t-rex so thats good. a lot of improvement form you first pic.




http://gspauldino.com/images/rexdiagram.jpg *

*The artist that did this diagram has posted a message stating stuff about copy right and using diagrams, check it out yourself and see if you think using this for would go against what he said: http://gspauldino.com/products.html (the ‘important’ message)

These are reconstructions by really top-of-the-line paleontological illustrators, so I would go with these if you really want it to be accurate, and not whatever the JP rex looked like. :wink:

Hope I helped! About the back legs problem…Tyrannosaurus hips were actually really narrow if you look at them.

Almost finished the model just need to finish the inside of the mouth. Put a temporary texture on it just to see how it looks. Figured out a cool way to texture it on Photoshop (the texture on it is not this one)

very interesting article .thx for post.

So i found a massive problem…DO NOT MODEL AN OPEN JAW T-REX
Although i have somehow been able to fix this now the problem is that the teeth are a separate mesh (Stupid) and are not moving properly with the jaw bone. Is there a quick way to get around this? I have already tried parenting it to the jaw bone.

Yes there is still some tweaking to do on my weight paint for the bottom jaw to make it look better but i think the neck is gonna have to stay blurred and stretched

I’d like to see wires. :slight_smile:

You can of course just join the teeth to the body…am i missing something here?

If i join the teeth to the body wont the texture for the teeth disappear

Here are the wire frames, although i don’t know if they will be of any help seeing as there’s 2 levels of sub surf

If i join the teeth to the body wont the texture for the teeth disappear

No. You can have as many materials on an object as you like.