T-Rex in the Desert

Final Image

Hello this is my first topic on BlenderArtists, finally I can finish my first scene. So I just wanna tell you how I make this all: first, I sculpt the T-Rex base shape then retopology it, and sculpting detail using free skin alpha by SebaDom (special thanks for him) using Blender, then I project paint the texture using Substance, and Rig it using Blender again. The scene was made all by myself using Blender 2.83 LTS with help of “A.N.T Landscape” (Blender’s built-in addon) for generating good mountain base mesh. And one more, i’m completely new on Compositing i just tweaking colors and add a little Lens Distortion.

All the resource i used, breakdowns, and original render can be seen on my Artstation page : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xJY1EY


Rendered using Blender’s Cycles
256 Samples with Denoise
About 3 Hours
Compositing using Blender’s Compositor

Notice : I don’t use this for commercial use.
Thanks for viewing hope you like it! criticisms and suggestions are very welcome :smiley:


Really good!
Did you use HDRI or made the Background ?
The haze in the air is also realistic.
Try to rig and animate them

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Yes i use HDRI for the light and sky, but the background (mountains) are made by me. And the haze i just using the simple Volumetrics in Blender :smiley:
It’s already rigged but i suck at animating :laughing: but i can give it a try tho!

Hello Dude,
Appreciate the artwork.As a suggestion the skin texture needs to vary, contrast with the environment.Also if it is a desert, the creature should be visible with some bones. As the nature of the desert, the food availability will be less.I heard this concept somewhere in youtube video.I hope that will help you in future.
Overall the effort you made was awesome.
Keep doing great!

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Thanks dude!
I appreciate your suggestion too. I hope your feedback will be a improvement for me in the future. Once again thank you for the feedback :smiley:

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