T-Rex Skull

I’ve just modelled thios t-rex skull and really want to get th ebone to look realistic…any ideas on achieving this as well as the best lighting would be most appreciated.


As a wanna-be palaeontologist i can tell that this looks fine!
Turn on Ambient occlusion for a realisticer look! :smiley:

Thanks what ao settings should i try?

just the normal settings
just turn it on and that will do the trick :smiley:
Show me the outcome!

Ok here is another render, i’m still not convinced it can’t be improved apon…:rolleyes:

But it is better!


I suppose it does look pretty bone-like but i think the lighting could be improved…not my strong point.

Spend some time examining real bones (or just pictures of them, though if you can get a good look at real bones it’s preferable) to see the variations in color, the way light reflects off of and goes through them- basically, make sure you really know what look you’re going for before you try to go there.

As far as I’ve seen most bones have a yellowish tint, especially in places where the sun hasn’t bleached them, like in crevices and such. They’re also very, very, slightly translucent (sub surface scattering) However, I have no idea how fossilized bones look, or whatever material most museums use in the casts they make of bones for display. You’d best decide what the skull is going to be made of first : )

[edit] erm, it looks like you’re already using SSS. I don’t know why I didn’t notice that…

bone’s not white, first off. And I think you need more minute detail to give it the look you’re after.

Whats the best way to get that detail…actually modeling it would be pretty scary!!

Ok so i’ve worked on the materials a bit…not all my own but took a bone material from the blender repository and modified it. Its looking better now but i think i’m going to mod it even more…


Very very good!
one thing:
invert normalmap.
the cracks are inside-out

So messed around some more with the materials and i’m actually pretty happy…now to work on the teath…


invert normalmap.
the cracks are inside-out

I only saw this post after i had rendered the latest version…but great minds think alike and i’d sorted it out already!

Looks much better!
i only dont like the color.
check this out
As you can see it is light and dark brown spotted
Oh and try to play around with specularity.
It will look much better than :smiley:

Yup will work on the colours…here is how the rest of his chassis is coming along…


Ok so he is now in one piece…still want to fiddle a bit with the posture etc.


I love the spine!
This is Sue.
She is the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever found.
Say hi Sue

I will show you the difference between sue and your skeleton.
I use this image for that:
yes i know, that is not Sue but Stan.
But it will work.
Heres what i made.

BTW Scott Hartman rocks.

I used his drawings a lot a while ago

I tried to model 3 skeleton ones.
2 failed:
and with the other one I earned 150euro :smiley:
An Architect used it for his museum “Gondwana”, Germany.

I take what you say into consideration and will make adjustments. The bone you say doesn’t exist is the bone that connects the 3 “toes” to the middle leg bone…probably looks crap cause the feet are flat on the ground…will change posture and see if it looks better…thanks for the effort!