T Rex

Hi All,

Here’s a T Rex model that I worked on for a while in the summer. I think there’s still more work I would do, but I don’t know when I’ll pick it up again, and I’d love to hear critiques on it.

Some things I can point out myself:

  • There is some weirdness with the bump, for example with the large scales on the jaw
  • I wasn’t able to get the material right on the underside of the neck
  • The eye could use work, there’s not much detail
  • I did the scales rather sloppily on the sculpt, but I touched them up when doing the textures

Let me know what you think.


lol Can you make two T-Rex, with boxing gloves - -

or, oven mitts or, knitting pins, ha ha Good stuff - - Dinos = Fun, Which I had a Pet, Damn - -

Maybe the inside of the mouth could be more wet looking? Good job so far regardless.