T-Rex i made recently.
everything was done in blender.
no images for texture. just pure blender textures.
c&c most welcome.

sorry, i still can’t add images :o

It looks anatomically correct :slight_smile:
Nice texture.

thanks B3D00.

Cool, cool. May i ask why his toesies are green?

Yay! I Found a crit! Shouldn’t his little lip flap that connects his top and bottom jaw, have a different texture? Like pink or something?

Nice, but shouln’t his eyes be bigger? And I don’t agree with B3OO. I would like to see a better texture:D

sammaron, about the “toesies” as you call it :), i’m still working on the teeth, toes, and tongue. I have a close up pic of the face/head, but i couldn’t upload it. there was some kind of problem. i might try later.
and yes, the lip connector thing should be a different texture. I’ll try to fix that.

zarnik, does anyone really know how big their eyes should be? I mean, yeah, from the skull, but how much skin comes over their eyes? (for instance…if you pull up your eyelids, your eye looks much bigger than what you can see when you’re not pulling your eyelids up :confused:)
what should be added to the texture to make it better?

thanks guys!

I found this picture of a t rex.

As you can see the eyes could be just a bit bigger. and the skin texture well could be more cracked or something. The texture you got now looks like stone to me. But hey great model, just a better texture and maybe bigger eye. Really cool;)

that’s also a cartoon. Everything made in a cartoon is exaggerated.
I’m trying to make this realistic.

if realistic, then use a bitmap texture(start from a bake of your procedural one), and give him some eyes, I didn’t even notice them.:slight_smile: