the model is from turbosqiud.
The mesh was then modified/cleaned up in Blender.
This started as a test for a material that quickly evolved into a lot more than I bargained for.
6 hours render time. BI 2.47.9

most of the texture is done using multi layers, reflection, sss & AO.

Fantastic material, too bad you didn’t model it, it would’ve showed off your modeling skills.

Hi CD.
Yeah, my modeling skills are not that great.
The model did need some preparation before use.
1 of 1000’s of models in my collection I seem to never use.
Anyway, it all started with this,

That’ the base material. then I thought, hey why not try it on a creature.

Aaahhhh, no toenails! so close!
So then I added the background image.
(A hires Photo I took of a Fossilized Fish in a private collection.)
tweaks later, the final image.

Gleb Zorin,
but I modeled only the symbol.
Not the t-rex.
The material settings are maxed out for my comp.
The Symbol has 8 layers of motion blur with sss & composite glow.
(blurring in place to refine the sss levels)
The t-rex Has material Alpha 0 & 7 textures with different settings.
Most of what you see (final image) is AO reflection affected by the sss level of refraction. I had to turn off motion Blur as well, that would have taken 4 days to render.
I know this is an unusual way to texture something but it is much more challenging than tweaking the original uv map.

Two questions, Is there another fossilized critter in the background image? What are the hardware stats on your rendering box?

yes, the background is a hi-res photo I took of a Real Fossilized Fish.
Millions of years old! Like Rex!
Thanks for noticing.
My specs,
AMD Athlon 3200+
2.01 GHz, 1.50 GB of RAM
Nvidia 5700 256 meg
XP win32

Heh, love it when people comment without reading the post first. Interesting texture. I’d love to see it in an actual application. where might you use the texture? It looks like a type of glass?

Sidenote: Seems to me this would be better posted in the test section rather than the finished projects since you’re essentially just fiddling with textures.

The initial real world use (the Symbol) is for metal/gold.
The Transparent Rex (second one) is very much a glass texture.
The Final Image, whilst technically a Test of sorts,
was the result of hours of work & test renders.
Getting the final image to look ‘finished’ took much longer than a simple test.
Thanks for your comments.

I like the material, though it might be better suited if you applied it to a model that actually looks that way (like a piece of jewelry.)