Here is the final product along with a breakdown of paint and texture layers. I never really quite got the glsl mapping down with alphas, so I ended up just painting the scale textures via a stenciled image texture pulled from the net and applied as displacement. This is a dynamtopo sculpt, unwrapped with everything painted directly onto the model.



Multires then fine details with dyntop w/ average 200-300k verts,tris,faces for final mesh.


Hey buddy you should do a timelapse so noobs like me can learn from it. That model is badass keep it up.

Do a timelapse about the texturing process too. We’ll learn a lot from it!

Yeah, this Rex is coming along really well!

first time texture and paint
Just a little practice


This is test glsl attempt. Is there anyway to increase the resolution with this method?

currently just one alpha texture was used, once I can get the workflow correct i’ll go back and really detail it out.



I guess this is a test but your detail looks a bit high-frequency right now (basically noise in many places), it would look better if it’s more defined as visible scales. As you say you’re figuring out your workflow so I look forward to the next detail update.

Still trying to work out the skin texture, but i think i’ve got a method down. Base color layer applied so far, now i’ll go back and spend some time painting.


a tip, because i dont see it often, its often forgotten, add some slime to its mouth, like dogs can have. (sculpting metabals.)

Nice work on the scales. How was it done?