T-shirts in E-shop?

(Timothy) #1

Hey all,

Some questions have been asked about selling T-shirts or the likes on this website.

I was wondering how many of you are actually interested in this, and if you want elYsiun T-shirts, or Blender T-shirts, or T-shirts with art on them?

Please tell me and please answer my poll aswell.

For now I am doing this to find out wether or not to put the time into developping a small shop.

Timothy Kanters

(S68) #2

Good idea, 8) 8)

(Nice new icons too…)

ztonzy found that place to make T-shirt,

I might suggest, if project is carried out, to imprint on a T-shirt the winner of the ongoing Optical Illusion contest.

This because really cool rendered image are seldom cool on a Tshirt too. Printing process is samewhat low on quality there, so really nice T-shirt has simple logos (blender one, elysiun one)

But an optical illusion can be cool also if rendered with few solid colors and simple shading, if at all…

my 2? cents


(steve343) #3

depends where the profits go!!!

(Timothy) #4

profits go directly into my pocket :slight_smile:

or rather keeping this site up and running (bandwith costs, server costs etc).

(dreamsgate) #5

I want one!!!
The optical illusion sounds cool
but I would buy one with blender and or elysiun just as fast.

(Turkey) #6

I want one.

(Timothy) #7

K,… I’ve set a store up,… but I want to order a T-shirt myself first to see howgood the quality is.

As soon as I’ve confirmed the quality is good I will open the store (I will order mine tomorrow)


(Ahmaud_R_Te) #8

If you are ordering the shirts from Cafepress I can assure you that the quality of the shirts is pretty good. I am even wearing one now :slight_smile: Just be sure the image you submit to the site is high res and sized properly. We are actually going to make some more graphics for shirts for our Futureworks team. Enjoy!

(theeth) #9

If you can get a t-shirt with WP’s Loki character, a Blender logo and an Elysiun logo, I’m sure that would be a great seller (I know I’d get a couple of those!)


(Timothy) #10

unfortunately I can’t include a Blender logo without NaN’s permission (legal stuff :))

However I will be contacting several artists to see if they can deliver some of their work.

I am indeed using cafepress,… and I am glad to hear their T-shirts are high quality. I uploaded a JPG image at 3500x1800 and highest quality,… since they will print it out at either 100dpi or 200dpi, resolution is sufficient. (logo was vector based)

I will however need to get some high res renders of other people’s works (I’ll ask wp for loki).


(Ahmaud_R_Te) #11

It’s best to use white shirts for images. There is a slight line that is seen with the grey ones where the image was transferred to the shirt. Although that might also have something to do with the fact that the image I used did not have a transparent background.

(Timothy) #12

hmm I would guess it would filter out all white colors,… I’ll e-mail them and ask

(Ahmaud_R_Te) #13

Good idea. I actually neglected to ask them that.

(Detritus) #14

I would be interested if they had a reasonable price… Being 14 gives you a rather limited amount of money. :-?

(Timothy) #15

They will be between 15 and 20 USD (excluding shipping)

(SKPjason) #16


I’m still waiting for the Elysiun/Loki T-Shirt to go on sale!!! How much longer… and who do I have to f*ck… :smiley: