T_Textures anybody ?

Has anybody compiled T_Textures for linux ?

I was trying to do so (and apparently succeed) but plugins don’t work, so I should have done something wrong… any tips ? (I used -fPIC -O2 as switches for gcc)

BTW, they look great and are available at http://www.geocities.com/blenderdungeon

Cheers, malefico.

Hi , I insist and still haven’t figured it out.

ANY help here ? (I’ll invite you a drink)


PS: BTW, Armagan doesn’t respond to my hundreds of emails, so forget that “ask the guy, jeesshhh” :wink:


what is a T texture in first place :-?


Here they are for Linux:


Inside you will find the .so files and the source with modifications required to compile them on Linux if you are curious… they should still compile on Win also.
I had to modify plugin.h adding an extern “C” define.
Really nice plugins…

Actually, the Linux (and other) versions have been available from here too:

Hey, thank you guys !

Last texture I saw in Blender Resources was the r_textures series, I haven’t seen the t_textures compiled till now !

Thanx a lot.

S68: I guess now you figured out what these t_textures are so I won’t bother you with a long xplanation…

My, those T_Terrain textures look mighty tasty.

Think i’ll try appling it to a terrain generated by my fractal terrain generator, and see what happens.