Hello I got a question and a small request.:wink:

Me and some buddies are making a game together. It’s very similiar to Spyro the dragon sonic and croc. It’s really cool, and we have already made some cool models for it.

We are only 3, but we are hoping that when we show the demo we will get more people:evilgrin:
I’m creating the level, but I have encountered a few problems.

  1. I can’t find a good texture pack, with matching game textures.
  2. How do I make a cube that has been UV textured shadeless?

Thanks, if you know of any good textures. It would be awesome if you could share. Right now we only need a grass, cliff and dirt texture…:cool:


EDIT: I typed the title wrong, why can’t you edit the title after you have posted??

Not super-familiar with GE materials, but can’t you just use the SHADELESS button for the cube’s material?

If I put a material on the object. The textures dissapear, and btw I won’t be using GLSL.