Some of you may know this, its from Star Wars, lol


quite a lot still to do, OSA is on btw. CandC appreciated
At the moment I have no plans to texture it

Is it supposed to look that flat? At the moment it looks like you made it out of cardboard and spray-painted it silver. It does look like the T16 though, and the groves came out pretty well. It definately needs some more work though, try and add some volume to it.

btw, are you sure you have OSA on?

yeh thats how it looks, Ive still got to do the Airspeed sensor and the underside plus the engine



c&c please

Needs higher specularity followed by more hardness, and I think there’s usually subtle coloring like red strips on most old star wars vehicles.

where do I change specularity and hardness?
Plus Im not texturing it

The spec and hardness is under the materials menu. SO if you have no materials on it, make them gray.


Wouldn’t it have been easier to texture it first of all? That reference image would act as a good bump map if you cut bits out. Then you just model the simple outer edges and the bump map would make the complex little ridges.

Or, if you needed self-shadowing, you could have used a displacement map with a renderer that supports true displacement like aqsis or maybe yafray supports it.

Anyway it looks good - you even got the circular ridges drawn well. But someone already mentioned OSA. It looks like you don’t have it turned on.

Thanks for the replies, the bump map would be cheating, lol

I didnt want to texture it as the textures I can make would make it look really bad, lol

It was really a modelling excersise, lol

and OSA is on 16, ill get a screen shot if u want, lol