T3D GN Presets - Blender 3.6 LTS

T3D GN Presets

A Collection of Incredibly useful nodes for Geometry Nodes - Blender 3.6 LTS (Beta)

:bulb: Introduction:

  • T3D GN Presets contains Node groups for Geometry Nodes which include Deformers, Fields, SDF, UV, Utilities and much more for free!
  • This is an essential component of an artist’s toolkit which enables users to combine multiple nodes with endless possibilities in non-destructive workflows with existing Blender tools.

:tada: Nodes:

  • Contains over 75+ node groups for Geometry Nodes
  • Deformers: Bend, Bulge, Displace, Shear, Smooth Geometry, Taper, Twist and Spherify
  • Fields: Box, Cylindrical, Linear, Prism, Spherical and Torus
  • Instancers (Cloners): Grid, Linear, Radial and Spherical
  • Primitives: Curve, Point and SDF
  • UV and Vector
  • and Much More…

:inbox_tray: Download:

:unicorn: About Me

  • Hey! I am Tamil Selvan, also known as tams_3d. I am a 16-Year-Old Self Taught Blender Artist from India
  • My Vision is to create Free for the Blender, which requires complex setups provided in a simplified and effective way.
  • Currently developing Presets for Geometry Nodes similar to tools and features of other 3D Packages and some add-ons.
  • I believe that my work contributes to a better world for 3D Artists, Game Developers and other artists who create incredible works.