Im following basic training and im at a point where tab will not remove me from editing mode. What can I do to reset this?

EDIT: Still not sure why this happened but I used the drop down box in the header and that work. Never could get tab to work till I restarted the APP.

Also Im tring to bring up my select tool by hitting B but I keep geting this square with a arrow that is highlighting my edges??

God this Crude is killing me does this app have to be so tricky!!!

Ok Im at a point where it says "to place the cursor near the center then hit shift s and select “cursor to grid” I do this and it snaps into the middle of a grid square!!!1 Not even the perfect middle just a off center of ANYTHING snap??? Why isnt this working?

the brush select you get to by pressing b twice

also, for the edit mode thing, it could be because you are doing something [like moving a vert] which you can cancel with the right mouse button or the escape key. if it is something else you can change out of edit mode with the menu on the 3d window header

I might need to reinstall this app as I installed it first then installed python. It is acting very wacky. All these problems start after awhile then fix then fix themselves after restart of the app

My guess is that one of your shift/ctrl/alt keys has “stuck”
This can happen when the OS gets the key-down event, but misses the key-up, so it thinks it still being held.

It happens to me often when using Alt+LMB instead of MMB to rotate the view - if I release Alt before LMB then the OS doesn’t notice and then any keys I press after that it thinks I’m still holding Alt.

Just press each shift/ctrl/alt key once each, and then it should fix it.

This would explain the box-select problem, if your Alt key was stuck then your computer would think you’re pressing Alt+B, which is an edge-select combo.

For the snapping, I’m not really sure. What it might be is that you’ve zoomed out too far, and the main grid is a lot smaller than the one you can see.