Table and Chairs Interior Render

Hi There,
This is the first image I’ve finished that I think is good enough to post here. It’s all scratch modelled in blender aside from the teapot (which is one of the extra meshes in blender) and rendered with Yafaray. Total build time was about 3 days with the render taking a hair under 7 hours on my old computer.

That lamp wouldn’t survive a week with me… After having bumped my head more than once while standing up, my fist would get stuck in between the metallic bars. :smiley:

Apart from that, awesome work!

Only 2 things bug me: The chairs really needs some rubber feet or else they will dig holes with their metallic claws every time somebody sits and leave scars on the wooden floor when that person stands up.

The second thing is that lamp again. I can’t say why but it looks flat to me, nothing like a sphere. And I find it a bit weak. It’s obviously on as shown by the light on the wall but it doesn’t light up the top of the table enough.

Very good.
I agree with Kaluura though; chairs need some rubber feet and I’d say more detail on the plastic part.
The lamp looks strange to me also it has a very strange outline.
Also, the shadows of the shadows of the metallic bars projected on the wall seems way too sharp to me.
The floor is perfect, but the skirting board texture is too repetitive, and the table also has some texture seams that doesn’t look natural.
Overall it’s very good though. Congratulations.

I think it looks good… but take a look at the darker floor plank which the green chairs front leg rests on… now follow that plank all the way to the bottom of the picture… it looks like that plank ends to early. All you would need to do is move the camera just a little closer to the table. Not sure if you used a reference image for the chair, but those legs look a little too thin to me.

I actually like the lamp, Sounds like you put a good amount of time into it, and I think it’s a good enough image to justify fixing a few of the things people have mentioned and re render it.