Table Set

I worked on this project for a week for an art competition and I didn’t place, but want some critique as to what I can change. I’m not too sure about the accidental blur on the front of the knife and strange reflections from the lighting on the wine glass. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • try adding a subsurf modifier to the plate so the straight edges around the rim don’t show, and make the rim a bit higher.

  • Add more curve to the spoon and fork between the handle and the working bit. And make the cutlery more reflective

  • Maybe try zooming out a bit and adding something else, because it looks like you’ve zoomed in to compensate for the lack of objects in the scene. Even just a serviette / napkin to start out with. or some fruit :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Also try moving the texture on the wood down a bit because we can see the texture seam where it repeats itself.

Sorry if I’m sounding like a know it all, I thought it would be easier to list everything instead of beating around the bush. Cheers

The handles on the silverware are too thin, on real silverware, the handle is a bit thicker than the part that is actually used. Agree with @journeyman2 that you need a subsurf, as well as making the silverware more curvy and reflective, as well as working with the texturing some.