Table with chairs, ....

last week i installed blender and made my first steps (ok, not really, i played a verry little bit with blender half a year ago).

here it is, my scene which gets better with every new thing i learn :slight_smile:

Click! 112kb, 1280x1024

It looks nice.

In the render buttons turn on OSA.

In the world buttons try turning on AO (this will increase your render time and many here don’t like it but I think it will immediately enhance your image).

Try one, then the other so you can see how each will effect your scene.


Looks good for an early image, keep it up.

what did you use for the wood texturing?

change lighting to get better shadows
you got floating table :stuck_out_tongue:

thx 4 your replies.

I used PaintShopPro7 for the Textures (some just from the Library there :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I used 8x OSA when i rendert that picture!

I try OA at the moment.

hm fly04…: what would you commend?

delphi - sorry, my browser resized and I didn’t realize! :expressionless: The osa looks good. I can now see the edges of the poly’s on the table. Either subsurf or subdivide and then smooth to get rid of the points.

maybe it’s the angle of the pic but the glass center section doesn’t look centered or have the same shape as the table.

BTW - the picture looks much better at it’s full res