tablet, and monitor!!!

(Dittohead) #1


gotst a tablet, very nice piece of hardware!!! vertex painting r0x3rs!!! it’s a wacom graphire2 ruby colour!!!

and an envision en-775e, has realy low dot pitch and ia actually readable at 1280x1024.

i was wondering if anyone else has a tablet(wacom specificly) so they can tell me if it works well in linux :slight_smile: .

it works great becuase you can plugin a regular mouse or other input device for cursor movement and they work simultaniously.

(IamInnocent) #2

Not that I have wonders to say but since nobody else had inpiration :

I own the graphireI and like it a lot. I can’t say that I find it essential for Blender though and do without most of the time. But for the Gimp and other painting programs it’s a blessing.

Under Linux it should work fine in a recent version : it did for me with the last Mandrake (9) but it can be a hassle in other, less recent, installations. You won’t benefit from the fancy Windows driver though.

Have fun.

(Dittohead) #3

ok, i got debian 3.0, and i can’t get that or my ps/2 trackball to work either.

i think i’m gunna get redhat. prolly the best one out there for someone whos used linux before, but not really in depth.

time to plunge in… :wink: