Tablet for blender

(Gamezdude) #1

Im looking for a tablet to use for Blender on my 1.5hr commute. (Fuuuunnnn…)

Im mostly worried about the keypad as most 2 in 1 tablets dont seem to have a keypad. Also the budget is £300/$425, which I understand is quite a stretch.

(burnin) #2

Get an atom baby laptop :wink: As posted on SideFX forums:

I don’t want to go off topic, but I just want to share my simple UI of Houdini running on a 8inch baby laptop.
I didn’t expect having Houdini running on an atom cpu, but not only it works really well, but the UI is customizable enough to make it usable Oo (I have to say that I mainly do modeling doodle in the bus with it).


(Jason van Gumster) #3

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(Grzesiek) #4

depending on your budget.

if money is no expense, then Microsoft Surface Pro or similar are perfect (outside of numeric pad - though that can be gotten as usb device)

If strained on budget, Atom based is indeed a good selection. AMD, as far doesn’t have muhc of an offering in this space. Though I wish they did.

(Gamezdude) #5

Ok, I looked around of this seems to be the best choice for my requirements & my budget of £300.

Any opinions/alternatives?

I had a look into Wacom but seems out of my budget and id like to use it on my communte

(Grzesiek) #6

With that system, as long as you don’t plan to do major scenes, 4GB should be barely sufficient for smaller projects.

No information on the GPU’ so viewport might not be as responsive. Honeslty I wish you had the ability to go to a computer shop/other and install blender on this table to test it out and be sure. I feel not many of us here have much experience in such small systems running blender.

(Mike J. Gee) #7

Well as the processor is an X5-8350 there’s the GPU integrated, which is according INTEL-datasheet: Intel G8, 12 EUs, 500 MHz

As far as Blender always had some issues with the Intel GPUs - I don’t know.??

(Gamezdude) #8

I’m just making video game assets. That’s all.

(Grzesiek) #9

So, depending on what game engine :wink:

Still for normal game assets, that system system shoudl be sufficient. And lately I haven’t seen or heard any issues with intel GPU’s, but as Mike indicates, I don’t know, so more research is needed.