Tablet-PC Button window?

I use an Acer Travelmate c300 to do Blender. It is a notebook PC with a swivel LCD screen so it becomes a tablet or slate. But the keyboard becomes inaccesable. On this forum, I saw a python script to emulate the numkeys of a notebook. This eliminates the need for part of the keyboard. I am wondering if this script could be enhanced to include more functions like maybe panning, scaling, and rotating the scene? If I want to pan the scene, currently I have to press the right-click button on my stylus, press the “alt” and “shift” keys all at once. This can be painful. What if a python script created a button strip for tablet PCs with, for example, a rotate scene button. You click on the button and then left click on the screen and rotate around. When you let go of the left click, the rotate button is reset. Same would work for the zoom and pan scene buttons. Plus there would be buttons for top-right-front views, and other very common hot keys. The rest would be accessed through the menu. Is this possible?