Tablet PC's- What's your take on them?

I’m currently looking into buying a laptop for 3d modeling, sound recording (not high quality), and possibly notetaking in school.

Tablet PC’s caught my eye for the simple reason that you can write on them to take notes. I’ve never used one personally nor know anyone who has, so I was wondering if there is anymore practicality to tablet PC’s drawing feature than just taking notes.


P.S.-If you have any suggestions as to what Laptop (it must be a laptop) to get, throw it out.

At first I really liked the idea of a tablet pc, it seemed handy at
the time…even techy and cool.

Cool as it may be… to me it’s not very practical.


I have a powerbook g4 17"-screen’er for my portable needs,
I use it to surf the net (sometimes IN bed reading the online newspapers)
and just about everywhere in the house and when I’m out freelancing
for someone who needs on-the-spot work done.

I have lot’s of pocket PC devices (sort of pre-tablet pc’s if you like)
they have the advantage of being very portable…but I frequently miss
the keyboard…because the onscreen keyboard is a timewaster no matter
how many years go by…I’d not use them.

Another issue with the tablet PC’s are they’re not very practical,
eg…I try to read the newspapers in bed…but it will SLIDE off the
bedsheets and it’s near impossible to make it stand up so I can read
it without having to hold these heavy clumpy “tablet-pc’s”

Another thing, when sitting in a chair…I have to bend my head more
because of the screen, and when I want to attach a keyboard
(because the FLAT onscreen keyboard is a nightmare) it’s just another
cable-fuzz…or “attached-schwing-rotate-keyboard-loose-part”…not
very practical at all.

Rushes back to my thrusty ol’ 17" powerbook

Nope… I’m a comfy sort of person, I like comfort!
Tablet pc’s are NOT comfortable… try turning your TFT screen
down in your lap…or on the floor…or on the table…you’ll soon
get an idea of what I’m talking about.

With a normal Laptop you can have the screen in any position,
and you can rest…you don’t have to “HOLD” this heavy lump of heat
in your hands. Some tablet pc’s claim to be lightweight…

…yeah …right…1 kilo…sounds light huh? Well have you tried
walking around with a video-camera weighting about 1kg? they
do you know…with battery…try that for 2 hours…and lets see how
numb your hand will be.

Tablet pc’s will not be a hot seller …ever.

I do belive however that electronic - paper . will have a future.
But then again…they don’t weight 1 kg…now do they? :slight_smile:

Tablet PC’s are also good for, well, drawing…
a tablet PC might not be necessary; I for one can type much faster than I can write (also less sloppy)

As for taking notes in school, look around. Does anyone else have a laptop?
You run the risk of looking like a jackass if no one else has one, not to mention it could very easily be stolen. I do not reccomend taking one to school.

A laptop is a good thing to have otherwise, but I think that you will have much better options if you omit the Tablet feature.


My mate has a tablet PC and it is very cool.

he has all his notes form lectures in there, all hand written. this means he just draws diagrams and images on it.

the tablet pick-up isn’t the smoothest, but its pretty good.


Could you instead get just a laptop+a drawing tablet thingy? MIght not be as intergrated, but tat can be a good thing.

Oh, and you might like to look at my thread (it is also about laptops).

A tablet PC would make a great computer drawing tool if they had Wacom-style preassure/tilt sensitive styluses, but they don’t. As they stand, they’re just gimmocks that don’t work very well. Besides, I can type faster than I can write anyway.

The handwriting recognition can produce some amusing results on occoaision, though.

A tablet PC might save you a lot of time because it always took me ages to summarise notes from paper. I had a laptop but I wouldn’t take it out during class because people would think I was a rich snob (which I wasn’t). Also, I couldn’t draw diagrams on a laptop, which you should be able to do on a tablet.

I think you can turn some tablets into laptops by just turning the display so there should be no problems about it resting awkwardly. There are some that are pretty light too.

Of course, you could just use paper and then buy a scanner. With paper, you don’t have to worry about anything being charged up. I had about 5 hours of lectures a day - I’d be surprised if a tablet lasted that long. Also, if you accidentally drop your machine, you could lose your entire course notes in one go. I felt paper was more dependable.

You can play a game while the lecturer is blabbing about some rubbish though.

All through my last two years at school I used an hp660LX clamshell palmtop to type notes on. It had a large enough keyboard that it was easy to type on, and had a touch sensitive true colour 640*240 screen for drawing diagrams on. I could take down dictation faster than those writing. It cost me ~£300 ($600US) and that was over five years ago. It is not anywhere near as bulky as a tablet pc and should be avaliable much, much cheaper if you can find one somewhere (less risk of expensive damage while carting around).

It served me well, and it (or a modern clamshell, if anyone makes them anymore) is a more convenient, just as functional, alternative when you consider that for the price of a tablet you could get a high end laptop and one of these.

Just a thought.


tablet Pcs are not very fast for a laptop, 1ghz is the border line for £1k price tags.

Get a normal laptop and plug a normal tablet in it ^^

my mates was 1.533 Ghz and it seemed to do alright.


my mates was 1.533 Ghz and it seemed to do alright.


But compaire the price to a normal laptop and you can get twice as fast if not more of a processor and a normal usb tablet costs like £40 nowerdays for a 9X12… plug it in and your away! =)