Tablet sketches (Nudity)

Hey, here’s the output of my tablet =) am I allowed to post pornographic sketches if I don’t directly post them (link), they only contain things like vaginas and dicks, or nude women kissing, no actual intercourse.

Anyway here’s #1:

i’d like it if you didn’t even if you’re allowed to, as it makes me have to turn images off
to view any thread that even MIGHT have anything like that on it.

I’m going to help you out here: Don’t post or link to porn, period. You will be banned. There is a difference between nude figure drawings and porn. Go look it up if you can’t tell the difference.

that’s a traced image of a porn star, I use to trace when I was a kid.

eehm… perhaps it’s better not.
everyone has seem enough of those scribbled on public bathroom walls, i think.


Good eye, indeed I used her as a reference image =) still not traced, I printed it out and set it infront of me, I’m trying to work on proportions.

I don’t consider that nudity…
Pretty good too. Use question marks, it was confusing. I though you were saying, not asking…

So … when line art become porn ? or when the nice nudity become porn ?

Kids grow up , porn it is only if it is depicted the intercourse , human figures with genitalia drawn it is called nude and it is fine art.

Look at a monkey , does not have cloths and if you check more it is nude in front of you and playing with his …

:)) The nature it is nice and humorous , what you will do if you will see your girlfriend or wife nude ?! run away cause it is porn ?!

On topic.

Try to use construction lines and some perspective in it , search for photos with perspective not plain in front.

Draw with pencil on paper rather tablet , trust the old pencil cause it is MAGIC!

I’m still not clear… what is porn? How can you tell if a picture of a guy sucking on… something is porn or art?

Haha thanks Killer So keep it up!

Oh a good way to learn is to look in the mirror and see how far your arms go and how close they are to other parts of your body, like for example your elbow meets your hip or waist or something and like a character model in animation you can only take it to a point.Yes it is very hard to draw perfect but once you do …you can go back to simple drawing because you know you know the hard yard of it haha, good luck.

…lol. Amusing. Thanks basse.


Personally, i dont think there is any hard and fast rule regarding body proportions and so on. you need to ask yourself, do you want to speciallize in real life/still life art, comic art ( which in most cases have a high degree of exagerations in head sizes, waists, leg lengths etc) ; or caricatures?:eyebrowlift:

Either way some proportions are needed and some sense of form is fundamental.

In cartoon and caricature you use the foundation (natural proportions) then exagerate them to make if more appealing …

So proportions and form are fundamentals in either concept art , comics , architecture (there are called measures in mm,cm,m etc) , painting , sculpture , figure drawing.

So learning to draw balls, cubes , cones ,pyramid… apple.

If you want proportions, her legs are too short. Also her shoulder needs work.

I do agree,:eek: you need a mirror to look at yourself and you need to pose the same way with your arms :confused:to see how your body moves with proportions … are a human too ;)so try drawing yourself and the measurements between each ligament.

Any updates on this drawing?:slight_smile: