Tablet support / virtual pen

from matt ebbs homepage

imagine: this support with the sculp-tool…incredible!

it a pity, that just a few of matt’s ideas come into cvs and so on:
-radial menus
-tablet support
-curve thickness




that would bbe a very usefull thing to have

omg wow! oh oh oh wow!

As a Wacom Intuos 3 owner I’m really excited to see this demo, it could make modelling a really fun experience

Just a note: That demo is using a patched Blender game engine, that has tablet data support. I’m more curious about using it for testing interaction methods, or games - that demo is just a basic one showing how it’s responding to the tablet data :slight_smile:

It should be relatively easy to make sculpt mode support tablet tilt. Drawing a virtual pen on screen might be a bit more tricky though.