I am looking around for an inexpensive (sub $150 U.S.) tablet for artwork. I hear wacom has the best quality, but they are very pricy, although they have a few models wihin my grasp. I have looked at the macally icecad, but it seems more like a learners tool that I would wnat to upgrade from anyways. So any good tablets out there? This is for use with an intel-mac.

the graphire is cool, if kind of small. if your skills aren’t all that great and you don’t know that this is something you WILL use for hours and hours every day I’d suggest you start with it [because it’s cheap, and good… but no tilt sensitivity]

Hmm, I’ve been reading review,s and they all prettymuch agree with you. If you zoom in on an image though, does the tablet scale to it? So you could use the whole tablet to paint on a small portion of the image?

thats right, its still the same as a mouse, if you zoom in, the tablet remains the active area of the screen, not a scaled portion of the image.

I have a giant 12x12 Summasketch from Summagraphics tablet, it’s old with no pressure sensitivity, but it’s very good.

Since a Wacom is beyond personal limits right now, I use a Medion Tablet. It’s approximately 10x12 inch and cost 30 bucks back then. It’s not great and uses batteries for the pen, but it does the trick.


Per aspera ad astra.

I don’t use it with Windows XP a lot (: so I haven’t experienced trouble yet

thanks, but I think a graphire4 4x5 will do the trick.

That’s what I have for my own non-intensive couple-times-a-week work. It completely suits my purposes. It’s small, but it ets the job done, and it has pressure sensitivity, which is very nice.