Tabletop Battle Games (Warhammer 40k, LOTR...)

Anybody play 'em? If you do, do you have any model painting tips I could use? I just took a model painting class at the Games Workshop store in Great Lakes Crossing, but they only covered the very basics. You can probably guess which one I’m playing…:smiley: So far my only models are a balrog and a wild warg chieftain, I’m looking for a job to get some money. When I play I mostly use my friend’s models, he has a bunch of Moria goblins and high elves, plus the fellowship.

I never played any of the games, but I used to paint the little guys until I got the cranks with GW constantly raising the prices. My general method for painting went like this:

Leave everything dissembled.
Thin black undercoat (mainly drybrushed)
Thin layer of darker base colour
Drybrush with base colour
Detail work (highlights, fixing mistakes etc)
Glue together
Fix mistakes

Obviously this wasn’t a strict thing as depending on the model and colours I wanted to use, I had to do things a bit differently with the base colours etc. I often found it easier to paint if I started from the middle of the piece and worked outwards as it meant that if I made a mistake I only had a little bit to fix up.

yeah GW is a damn rip-off. painting was the only fun part of the games :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the models are pretty expensive but I really enjoy the game. Just have to budget for it I guess…

I used to be interested in that, now I’m trying to make a multiplayer (PC) game that has some similarities to tabletop games.
Another interesting company is rackham, which recently came out with their Sci-Fi game.

Been playing 40K for about 2 years now. About to start my 3rd army. It’s a lot of fun.

/me is another 40k player.

I guess you know how to spray undercoat and all that. I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to painting myself, but I often hear that you should always paint in multiple layers - it may be tedious, but it gets a better finish. Inks work well for shading, and for large black models a light white drybrush on the corners works well for highlighting.

Anyway, have fun! :smiley:

Here is one of my best painted models:

It’s a Forgeworld Chaos dreadnought. Probably the best thing I’ve painted.


10 char. limit.

Chaos Rule!!

They were always my favourite.
Its been a while since I’ve played warhammer. They where the good old days…

Drybrush silver paint on metal, especially sharp corners.

Lotr Rules!!!

I have miniature Dalek models that I sometimes play around with when I’m bored. I also have the Genesis Ark.