Tabletop Rhapsody WIP - Comments/ideas needed

I’ve recently started making a spoof of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, sung by a chorus of pencils, rubbers and sharpeners. The characters are already made, I used them in another animation. For the song itself, I’ve made a MIDI instrumental version with Noteworthy Composer and me and my friend are going to do the random voices singing, which I will mix together with Audacity. I have just started planning out the animation itself today, and plan to do it in six different scenes, one for each main section of the song. The style will be simple, and I am trying to finish it by Christmas, or New Year. I’ve estimated that the recording will take around 5 days to a week because of the number of tracks I’ll have to record to make a choir effect.
I’ll post some images soon, but for now any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

A CD cover-type image:


Still no comments?:frowning:
I’ve rendered the first section, and I’m partway through the first section of the recording. I’ll post some more images when I can, but for now here’s the original music video for those of you who haven’t seen it. The one I’m making is going to be similar to that, but with three people instead of four:o

I think to get the classic “Faces” view you really do need a fourth character.

Are you going to provide them with instruments?

Are you going to provide them with instruments?

Yes, in later sections I’ll give them the piano and guitar, I think I’ve got models of them somewhere…
How they’ll play them with no hands I’m still working out:o
Got some ideas, though.

do you add a mouth with shape keys? would be nice (and a lot of work)

Okay, I’ve added another character (see attached image) - I agree, it just can’t be done with only three. I’m recording section 1 as I type this - well, not really, that wouldn’t be possible:p, but you know what I mean. As for shape keys, I would love to be able to, but I’m just not good enough at it to make it look like they’re singing as opposed to having some sort of fit:o
When I actually finish rendering the first section I’ll have some more pictures to show but at the moment there’s only the attached 15-second render.
BTW, do you think the spacing of the characters is right? I’m not sure if the rubber’s too far to the right or not.


I think something that might add to this is have one of the characters lean slightly to the side so they aren’t all straight up and down. Just an idea.

A few images from the first section:


Sorry I’ve not done any updates in a while, I’ve had various bits of revision and essays to do:(
I’ve modelled a guitar:D, attached are a few renders and some blender screens, feel free to tell me if it’s horribly out of proportion:o
Just so you know, I was only using the reference image for shape, not colour.


See the attached image:D
As for recording, I’ve done the first half and made a WAV submix of it, because Audacity can’t handle more that about ten audio tracks without crashing:mad:
So I’m doing it as two seperate files and then mixing them when they’re finished.
BTW, is there any way of getting rid of the strange black shadows on the keys? I’m rendering with the standard blender renderer, with one hemi light. Any ideas?:confused:


Any comments?

Select the mesh for the keys, and press Control+N in editmode. If this doesn’t work, then try removing doubles.

It was the remove doubles thing, somehow I’d managed to duplicate about 40 of the keys, don’t know how though…:confused:
I’m afraid I can’t post any renders at the moment, Blender’s rendering part of the second section, I started at about eleven this morning and it’s about a third of the way through now (seven thirty):eek: - this one’s going to be an overnight render. I just hope it doesn’t “encounter a problem and need to close”, as it did during a 20-hour one once:(
Anyway, more updates to come when it finally renders.

I think the guitar mesh is much too dense. Is that with subsurf on?

I think the guitar mesh is much too dense. Is that with subsurf on?

Yes, I should probably decimate it…:o

I’ve decided that due to the amount of synchronisation needed for section 2 I’m going to wait until the recording’s finished before I do the rest of the animation (I’ve rendered part of it, but there’s more to be done).
So I’ve done a bit of section 4 (“Animator, animator, animator let me go!”:D):


hmmm looks intriging… I myself like to lip sync the song… I prolly am on youtube somewhere…

Cant wait to see it!

(SSppIIccYY!!! These chips are burning my mouth off!)

Cant wait to see it!

It should be done by Christmas, the recording at least will definitely be done by then, if not Friday:D I’ll probably post a link to the mp3 when it’s done.
This is where I am at the moment:

Still to do:

  • Section 4 - I’m halfway through it, it’s actually the most complicated part of the whole thing - 9 audio tracks to do!:eek:

  • Section 5 - incredibly short

  • Section 6 - even shorterAnimation
    Still to do:

  • Section 2 - very hard

  • Section 3 - Short and (hopefully) easy

  • Section 5 - Quite difficult, easier than section 2 though

  • Section 6 - Fireworks and stuff, might be easy, might be hard.

Yay! I’m finished at last!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I’m just uploading the video to YouTube, could take a while, but I’ll post a link when I’m finished. The mp3 and lyrics will be available shortly from a page on my site, I’ll post a link when they’re up.