TabletPC a viable alternative to a Wacom Cintiq?

Hi folks,
I have been wondering about purchasing a table for mainly texturing work. I have an intuos A6 which is too small to really be useful, but I’m not really prepared to pay the price for a Cintiq. If only we had the prices that wacom offers their products under in the US. But it’s ridiculously overpriced where I live. So I’m thinking about going for an regular A5/A4 Intuos3.

But I’m wondering if you had any experience with those tablet PCs. The Acers I’ve been looking at are supported by the wacom driver under linux and they offer pressure sensitivity (though not tilt). But I’m more interested in people’s personal experiences. I haven’t heard from anyone who was aiming to use it for graphic work. Is the precision lacking? Is there a noticable response delay? Cursor/stylus tip offset?

The price is tempting and the fact that I could take my “digital artboard” anywhere and use it in a very natural position sound very appealing. But it’s just too damn good to be true, isn’t it?