Tabs,pages,layers for logic window?

As you know logic bricks system is kind of uncomfortable,when you put too much “lines” in logic window. It’s hard to navigate up-down all time and make connections between bricks, so I think that there should be some kind of tabs,
pages or layers in logic window.This will improve greatly usefulness of logic brick system.I hope you understand what i mean.
I also think that this isn’t hard to implement in Blender GUI. I hope Blender developers and experianced guys here on Blender Forums can make something about it. Maybe some plugin for 2.49 and by default in official 2.5+…oh c’mon , andrew-101,ideasman42,mogui and others DO something:D
Please comment this thread, it’s very important!

Maybe a visual mockup of what you mean or do we have to try and imagine how your mind works.

If you have to much logic bricks at one place you should think about a redesign.
Most likely you have a lot of different functions at one object. Very often it can be moved to another obeject. That makes the logic much more modular.

Tabs like tabs in internet browsers ,Richard, and yes i have very complex functions for one object.Let’s say i have human character with tens of bone animations , like in fighting games.

In that case you should jump into Python scripting.
This makes it much easier. Most of the logic for animation is repeating. There is no need to repeat the logic bricks again and again and again.

If you don’t want that, have a look at the states.
They help organizing the logic as well. Keep in mind, that you can combine the states. Which means there can be more than just one state active.

States affect only controllers,sensors and actuators stay the same.Maybe sensors&actuators should have states too. Python should not be necessary for complex logic when you have “tabs”.Most people don’t want to learn Python and i’m not sure that python scripts are suitable for everybody.
Monster, thank you for your opinion,you are Python programer maybe,but I want to see more comments from other people that use Blender and their opinions, especially developers.

The idea of nodal logic has been thrown around a fair bit, I believe it is in the works but been given a low priority.

Eventhough I use more python scripts than logic bricks and states for my main player, there are still lots of bricks, so tabs or whatever would really be a good idea but not necessary though.

I think in 2.5 they changed sth. but I am not sure.

I think group would be useful (like in the compositor).
And yes, also nodal logic is an interesting project…

About phyton scripting, it is a very simple language, everyone can lear it!!
And even if just used only as a advanced controller that receive sensors and run actuator it simplify the logic very much

If you enable the button “state” above the sensors and the actuators, only sensors and actuators connected to a controller of the active states are show. (Plus the unconnected sensors and actuators). This helps a lot.

Have you seen that you can give names to the states? (It is the name of the first controller of a state)

Yes, I’m a programmer, but I like the logic brick system too. And I know its limits.

I do not think that a tab system would help. Most likely it would hide things.
For me it seems difficult enough to find the right object with the logic I’m looking for, especially when the objects and the logic bricks are poorly named (e.g. Cube.001.,Cube.099, sensor1).

As I said, better distribute the logic on multiple objects.
With a good naming concept this makes it more readable and reusable. A tab system would not be necassary. One object would be one of your tabs.

There are additional benefits:

  • it is possible to copy the object.
  • it is possible to share the object with another scene or file.
  • it is possible to end the object while running the game if you think it is not necessary anymore. (With states you would deactivate the state)

Performance impact

  • Renderer

  • use empties, their impact at the renderer is nearly zero.

  • Logic:

  • the logic is already there, just on another object. There shouldn’t be an overhead

I do not have something against your idea. But I can see there are options to organize the logic bricks already.
I did a similar proposal some years ago (grouping logic bricks into colored blocks). I can live without it and not having this option forces me to be keep the logic clear and simple. Which is a good thing.

Maybe we could make up a list of benefits for a tab system to persuade an active Blender developer to implement it:

  • “It’s hard to navigate up-down all time and make connections between bricks” (from Chumulungmer)
  • it wouldn’t disturb the existing system (from myself)
  • “…lots of bricks…tabs…would be a good idea” (from strub)

I may not be the most qualified to opine on this, but I’d prefer if the developers spent their time and resources rolling game logic into the node editor than adding tabs to the confusing mire that is the brick system. Either that, or a way to sidestep it completely with python.