Well, I’ve got another project I’m trying to work on right now, but I’m feeling kinda pissed at it, cause it’s giving me trouble… So I’m starting on a smaller project to get me back in the blender mood. …I also just saw the first four episodes of Ghost In The Shell, and it freaking rocked so I had do do something:rolleyes: So heres my start on a Tachikoma :slight_smile:

Here’s some wires (yeah, I know the leg doesn’t match up yet)

And here’s a quick render of my work so far


No comments?

Anyway, I’ve been doing some more work. Heres a untextured render:


The lines on the legs are kinda big, but its hard to go back to fix it, cause its pretty messy mesh right now. I guess I’ll have to at some point though.

And here’s a render with and HDR image for reflection, and my attempt at the look they have in the opening credits for GITS.


I think it looks sick!!!
Oh and as for the lines on the legs, never seen this character before, but from the wire photos youve posted i think its looking spot on!

Thanks Destroy :slight_smile: Its taken me a while to do much, but I have accomplished some. http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/1278/tachikomaday34uq7.jpg

Just need to connect the legs, head and rear section to each other, add the hands/guns and I think it’ll be done.
Gotta make some sort of scene for it though…

aaa tachikoma’s. funny little things they are. Great work though, can’t see anything wrong with it so far. Keep it up. Are you going to use textures for the camera-eye hole things?

Thx moZ :slight_smile:
Yah, I tried to model the eye cams, but it didnt work so well… So yeah, I guess Ill use a texture

Looks like this months theme is, “Japanese things”

despite the fact this was started last month.

looking good, although it looks… toy like. definately needs a scene and less reflectivity to draw in the sense of scale.

this is looking real clean
glad you continued working on it, hadnt seen any updates

Nice and shiney with that HDRI!

Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile: I am working so slowly on this, Im pretty pissed with myself, lol >.<

Anyway, finished the Tachi… No work on a backgound so far.

@Traitor, I think I lowered the mirror a bit in this one, but if you look at them in the GITS intro, they’re pretty shiny little guys…


For some reason the wheels don’t render on the grey version O_o

Love those Tachikomas :).
That GITS intro is one of the things that gets me pump up to do animation.

Looking good so far.Would love to see some more pics form different camera positions when your done.

I’ve seen the GitS series yet, but I’ve seen the mechs before and yours is looking great!

Thanks. You should check it out… Very good series!

I know! That intro is amaving. Heh, I’d watch the show just to keep seeing that :slight_smile:

Looking good so far.Would love to see some more pics form different camera positions when your done.

Thanks, here are a few random views…

Started working on a scene. I couldn’t think of anything really awesome to do, so I’ve just got it in checking stuff out down some crappy city street. Maybe I’ll put a bunch of blood stains on the wall to show something crazy happened there… I dunno.

So any crits on textures/lighting or anything would be great, or if you have ideas for a better scene I might consider that too.


Laughing Man graffiti :slight_smile:

I think some of your early camera positions were a little better,like the two stills when you got to the wheels,one hdr,and the other in which the AO render the wheels did not appear.

Guess they made the Tachikoma look bigger.

Btw,what kind and how many lights are you using.

Really good model. Two things:

  • I think that if the tachikoma were moving about in that scene his center of gravity would be a little lower. Could just be me but the main body part (not the part the rider sits in) feels a little high. Might also just need rotating.

  • The cockpit part should be made of sections. In fact, everywhere you’ve modeled in lines I’d split the model into pieces so that shading doesn’t cross those lines, making them look smooth and not like panels.

Oh, and give him some battle scarring! :slight_smile:

A sun for main light and shadow, and a couple hemis for fill light… yes, not a great set up, I’ll figure out something better eventually. If you have any suggestions Im definitely open :slight_smile:

Ok, I split up the panel sections… But now theres all this glare there, though thats probably just the new angle i have it at… What was this suposed to do?

I’ll see about maybe making the main bit a little lower… Did get it all built on a reference shot though, so its like it was in the show.

Thx for the crits

(oh and changed the angle as per RONIN’s suggestion)