A lamp I made today for a new scene I’m working on. Don’t laugh, I own it and another one just like it. I used 6 lamps to light it and NONE are under the shade. Tell me what you think.



It’s looks really good, just a few things though.

It could use an object in the shade that would kind’ve shine to look light theres a light in there. Also, if the light was really coming from the bulb, there wouldn’t be a reflection (or at least not that strong) on the bottom lip, and on the downward curve of the lamp base itself.

Light reflects off at the same angle it comes in at. So just imagine strait lines radiating out where the light source should be, and that will be where your direct reflections are.

its really great looking…acasto brought up some good points…

i really love the texture on the lampshade!

great work there, if i could give one peice of critisism t would be this. With the marble texture on the lamp base, just crank up the turbulence a bit, it just seems a bit unreailstic in diagonal lines, but thats it really

great =D

Guess I got a little ahead of myself… I added some light sources that are going to be in the room it will be in. Made the changes and your right. looks a lot better. still need towork on the shade texture. trying to get a thin weave. Thanks for the help. U guys R great.



great job, much improvement

looks good

Your subject says it all: real looking, and tacky. Why is there no shadowing, even faintly, around the bottom edge of the lamp? It seems that there should be.


Only thing I’d like to add is that it looks as if there’s a rather strong lamp under the table, something about the lighting on the wall.

  1. pofo

Thanks 2 Neo’s Reflection Tutorial, it’s done. I added some more dust to the shade. I’m going to be posting a website soon to explain what I’m doing. In the meantime… more tacky funiture 2 come… :o



Good, the lampshade and tacky green fake marble are dead on.

The table seems just about right with that plastic look.

Now, you just need to add the ugly light green shag carpet. A stereo with a turntable and reel to reel?

If you’re doing the kitchen the appiances will have to be avocado.

WOW! Dude, when were you over my house?



getting redy for the photorealism contest?


I’d gladly spare myself the AOL crap if you’d only give the full URL that I could copy and paste instead of the simple word “LAMP”. Could you, please ?

Sorry… Here’s the URL


Hmmm, something still has to be wrong : shouldn’t there be something written between "choodaddyc/"and “/lamp3.jpg” ?


Here it is in all it’s glory
Hope this worked.


//edit, ignore this reply please

  1. pofo

The size of the shade should be larger (or the base smaller) to my taste but it is only that, my taste. I love the glaze (or stone ?) texture and even more if it does not involve any image map. The wood is… different (which is good), the reflexion subtle and superb. As for the simulation of the illumination it is excellent altough the highlight should be much smaller, just as hard and somewhat elongated, not round.

Were those comments worth the wait ?

Actually…they were. Thanks. I don’t know how much more tweeking I will do to this, because it will only be a small part of a large scene I’m doing. But, I am ALWAYS greatful for well thought out advice.


BTW… No Image Maps were INJURED or USED in the renedering of this lamp.

Choo, how did you achieved blurred reflections on the table ? It looks really cool.