Tactical Knife

After a couple days of experimenting with cycles materials and nodes i finally got a result that i felt happy with. Inspired by a random image sawn on google images i decided to practice my modeling and materials.

Looks good. Maybe the scene could be a little brighter, and you could pose the knife a way we can see all of it. The modeling is good, maybe the thing that you put the knife in (sorry, don’t know the name for that) could be a little less perfect. The sand looks like a image mapped to a flat plane. Maybe try distorting the ground so it actually looks as if the knife was on real sand. The texturing could also use some bump or normal maps.

Looks nice! My hunting knife looks a little like that :smiley: just one thing, you might want to add an HDR light probe image to get a great reflection on the blade! You can get loads of free ones all around the web! Like in WWW.hdrlabs.com

Thx for the feed back, i am using a hdr image as an environmental lighting source but how i have the materials setup and the angle we are looking at the blade, in real life it would have a little reflection so im going to have to find a way and get more reflection. My ground is displaced but for some reason my image isnt working to displace it. I also have bumps on the knife but i put them a little low because the knife handle is a rubbery plastic and it would be kind of smooth.