Tag Heuer Carrera (Used RenderFlow Farm to render 1000 samples in 2 minutes)

Tag Heuer Carrera

I used RenderFlow Farm. Very good and what a speed. 2 minutes for 1,000 samples

I liked it so much and for the 14 pounds free credit that I felt worth mentioning them as well. Just 0.15 pounds per rendering. And they product comes as a plugin for Blender. So just press render button and uploading of entire file with texture happens. Then you get email updates when your render is finished :slight_smile:


Nice render, very clear.

Yup nice image, but depends, speed wise, on the resolution of the image.

The best comparison would be mikepan bmw scene. We’d all have more information to work with.

EDIT: lol well, watched a video on renderfarm, and MikePan’s BMW scene rendered in about 37 seconds - they changed a couple of seconds but didn’t appear to be any that affected the image.