Tag Heuer Formula 1

This is a short project I did this weekend, nothing fancy, just a hand watch.

It’s a variation of Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch. Not a model from a specific year, I’ve found few photos of different models from different years.

*Tag Heuer logo belongs to TAG Heuer, Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA.

pretty realistic, nice lighting

wow nice!!!
looks good.:yes:

I have fixed few issues like e.g. wrong font and rendered everything again. One more render was also added.

graet work , is the “12” floating ?

I don’t think so but I’ll check it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Update: I have checked and number 12 is intersecting with the dial so it’s completely ok.

Really nice.

Awesome…Take look my watches…this is my first lighting and rendering in cycle…can you show me how you light and render your watches?

I like it, realistic as reality.

I love when these little weekend projects turn out so nice.