Tag Requests

Hi bart. Been doing so. They’re only visible as a tag in thread when completed. Try #wik, then #wiki. Others too in the same manner.

I used to have things working as in the picture above but in posts, haven’t started a thread recently. FF.

Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to work. You either complete the tag, or select it from the list below. You can’t enter a tag that doesn’t exist.

Sure, I’m testing implemented tags, but no list showing them turns up. Like your picture shows archi reveals tags that contain the string ‘archi’. I get no tags list here typing #archi in Firefox.

Edit: Fair enough. One functional , one not. Anyone else can chime in on whether tags are listed for you via autocomplete / suggestions (as pictured above / linked below)?


Edit2: Same deal in Chrome, no list here, Win7 if it matters. Anyone else? Try #archi please.

I cant’ reproduce it; just tested #archi in FF 61.0b6 on OSX and it works fine.

The above is still the case here. Anyone else? Tried the #featured tag, one only mods can give, which returned such tagged threads. Could trust level / permissions be affecting whether tagged posts are searchable / findable?

Could same be affecting autocomplete / display? Doesn’t display for me in Chrome and FF on Win7. Anyone else?

Tried to add #wiki to the Getting started with discourse thread after wiki tag was added and couldn’t so I guess I can confirm.

I didn’t find much info about it (of course) but I did see an old thread about the plugin before they brought it into core. If you don’t have the trust level to create tags you can’t use a tag unless it’s been used already. A tag isn’t available unless it’s been used at least once.

My post editor tag box search shows this:

The tags page shows this:
Phew I’m a bit clumsy with this editor first time.

Edit: I notice 2 unused tags in the search. I didn’t try to use them so I have no idea what’s up with that.

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Added a new tag: #commercial

This is for posts where we have forum members who are interested in selling models, add-ons, texture packs and so-on. If a thread is meant as a means of promoting that kind of material, it should have this tag.

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… and it’s back, lol. I realized I was stating what was already mentioned earlier but I guess there was new info. I didn’t see the like I got till after I hit the delete button and couldn’t go back. This is what happens when I post/edit before that 1st cuppa kicks in.

I’ll move on after this one. You guys are probably 3 steps ahead of me now anyway. Launching a new site is so much fun, am I right?

Yeah I’m seeing the same issue. No text gives a few choices not the whole list (as seen in my last). Other tags show while typing (1st one incorrect). The tag I’m searching for doesn’t show until I’ve typed in the whole word.

Firefox 60, Win7


It appears that tags are only properly applicable in opening posts / for a thread starter. Tagging responses / posts doesn’t work or register in the same way.

Autocomplete / suggestions are tested working here on Chrome as before.
https://blenderartists.org/search?expanded=true&q=tags%3Avdm and https://blenderartists.org/tags/vdm return the #vdm tagged thread above. All seems to be working.

Disregard my bellyaching. Sorry.


“environment” doesn’t exist/not working

I’ve added your suggestions

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#critiques-wanted or #feedback-wanted

Added, except #critiques-wanted or #feedback-wanted - which one should it be?

#feedback-wanted. It’s more universal (could be for add-ons, themes, forum features, etc.)

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Thanks, done!

I just realized… I wonder if it makes sense to have a #conference or #event tag… for the various Blender and CG-related events that go on (Blender Conference, SIGGRAPH, Annecy, etc.).

I don’t know if it’s gonna get used but I don’t see why having it would hurt.

How is #event different from #events?