Tail rigging problem

I’m new in Blender. This is my problem; I want to control tail bone with circle curve.
I use copy rotation as controller for each bone then I pick circle curve as target. But that’s not work, bone look weird when I rotate the curve.

I really appreciate for any help to fix this problem.

One has to be careful with coordinate spaces. It looks like they do not match. Did you set World Space <-> World Space in the bone constraints? Can I see the blend file?

I change the orientation, as your suggestion, problem solved.
:+1: Thank you for help

Use armatures alone (controllers are bones with shape), that’s how it is supposed to be done in Blender.

I used to not entered into sub-objects level when animate, maybe I need little bit time to familiar. I’m new in Blender. Thank you for the tips anyway.

Here the test

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It’s looking great !

Blender’s armatures are made to contain an entire character, and they provide plenty of tools to this end : bone groups, keying sets, custom bone shapes, pose library, posing tools, etc. It really doesn’t work like in Maya, although the basic concepts (parenting, etc) are very close.