Tainted Blade

rendered in blender 2.42, 8 AO samples, 1 area light, no nodes or post work.



versions with no blood:

Is the blood on the blade suposed to be from it cutting somebody? If so the area of the blood probobly isnt right, it seems to me it would be all over the sharp edge of the blade befor the side of it. If that makes any sense =o

I like the way the staff (handle) part of it looks, its the most convincing to me. You did a good job

I think your blade is very nice,its just that the actual blade looks unreal because its bigger than the handle.

actually that is quite realistic, I’ve used to collect swords and other medieval weapons and stuffs and I’ve seen a few blades like the one above. the handle are almost exactly like the spear i had a while ago (had to pawn off most of these stuffs cause I was unemployed (just got a job so might collect again:D))

:EDIT: Plus some of my favorites weapon are the simple one and if I had seen the one you modelled for sale in real life I would be extremely tempted to buy it right away. I just love the design!

U are correct and wrong in a sense,Let me explain,there are some blades like the one shown here.But this one does not suit the handle,if the handle had been a little smaller then it would look proportional.As u stated yourself you said that the handle looks like a spear.:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the critics guys. The handle is the right size compared to all the reference images I could find, but then again mine is a different style then most of my images so you could be right.

TaMa: The reason I put some blood on the blade is to show that it is still a weapon. I see many renders of beautiful blades but the fact is that they are used for killing, people forget that. So I decided to show that with the blood.

that is pretty cool, i would try using quadratic or tent sampling though, which should take care of that jagged look.