Taipans Sketchbook


I start My sketchbook here on Blender artist forum Today.
I have been outside the door for a year I reads the forum daily.
I learn new thing every time I’m here AMAZING Forum Thank You all…)

Will find a thread where I can present Myself later.

Not sure how I will do this. I’m new to Blender and 3 d.
I will show what I have made the year where I have tried to learn Blender and 3 d.
I will be happy to get CC.

From My first 3 month in Blender.
First picture is the one there is shown in sketchbook…


I used and still use a lot time to learn the interface and the addons.
These are all very simple object…Blender do they looks like a lot more…)

Hope You enjoy…If You have any question I will be happy if I can answer…Puff Puff



Picture from My first months in Blender.

Had a lot fun with Font’s and Webding.After that I start make some easy model.
Mostly boxes to make some easy models as a kitchen eg.

Time for some real moddeling Rofl…

The matchbox is something from the past…I made it in the last sixties now I tried to make it again this time in 3 d.
The fireworks is from that time to and they still work…hehe

Ta da lol lol…Here My first try to make a car…Love it - it is so BAD I made all the fault I can think off hehe
Any way it was fun and I learned something I believe…Hmm

Hmmm Blender is so cool…It’s so easy to be addicted to.



Learned a liitle about UV when I made the dashbord.And got a little more understanding of subdivide.
and how important it is to have clean mesh…)…Remove doubles - Ctrl - n - Ctrl -a Yea a lot to learn for a newbie…)
Some render of the car.

At this time I try to keep it simple and easy…So here is a ballpen.

Yea…1 post more and I’m a free man I hope.hehe
Ty to the Mod’s for update My post so fast…Cheers all


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I love color so it was a pleasure to make color pencil…All pencils have their correct color name there are 72 pencils.
For a little fun I put them in physics world…Drop them and find some cool shots to render.

Here a full render…Blender 2.69…)


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Learned a little about proportional editing when I tried to make a airbrush.So many tool so many way to do it.

Still bad modeling but a least I think where the problem is and can solve it today…Puff Puff

k…The objective is the last one I will post from My first 3 month in Blender World…It was a blast every day/Night…)

I like to make model after nice pictures , think I will try to post some to show it.


First nice picture I tried to make is…A picture from a challenge back in 2005 The Journey made by Cliff Cramp. Lovely work.

Hmmm.Where to start…I start with the mouse and the little car…I try to make it so simple as possible.

For the mouse I used skin modifier + subdiv 2 - Ctrl -a = size , Skin modifier is very powerfull
The car is just subdiv boxes

Really not much to say here other that patience is a good thing…hehe


Big car is in , again simple boxes

And from front

A little mix of what I have so far , think it start taking form…at least it give Me a idea of where I’m going puff puff

Sorry I just have to say Blender is so cool…I really like the way every little thing can be set…


Emblem is painted with texturepaint…I haven’t spent much time with texturepaint or vertexpaint but there have been some strong update lately…I use all My time to learn model tools and a little cycles render…

Close up of the mouse as You can see they are really rough at the moment…)

Added some small detail to the mouse , ohhh I’l learned a little about beizer curve , the rope…)

Ctrl - i = inverse Ctrl - c = copy Ctrl - v = paste


Some more close up of the mice…Cloth is made in sculpt .I just use the mask brush on the body and extract it…There is settings for thickness and offset.

A front shot more…Drag and drop picture into node editor or viewport damn Blender rock…Cheers


Modelled a few thing more change some color and tweake a little.

Behind shots…Lights is a hdr + meshlight


I didn’t finished it…But think I have a good base if I want to take the shot…Some screenshot and render…Puff puff


It was instructive to try and copy the image to 3 d…It’s far from finished…There is a lot to do , Texture - Clean all mesh - overall clean up - light - get all model in right place .etc etc


He he Here come the last one from My first journey in Blender…LA la la Sorry I’m just a happy NOOB.

Yea…This is the end…Next will be a Motorcycle and a little play with a stickman I think…hmm


Some shot from My stick figure…Picture on this matchbox is from google. I painted a fast matchbox picture in Krita for the rest.
I should have used Blenders texture paint…Shame on Me…Puff puff


Used the physics world for the stick to rain down…)

It’s so easy to be creative in Blender , I can’t stand it Blender kill Me…Cheers


Find some old Rotring + ink 40 year’s old…Lool The ink is still fresh…Damn it have to be it wasen’t cheap…)

Nothing speciel just candy for a noob <<< Easy shape again…:slight_smile:

I used them to draw comic figure…Lucky Luke - Asterix and Pinup…But damn they needed a lot cleaning.


Tried to make a flower from a photo I have taken.Painted with Blender texturepaint.

puff puff


Cheeky hydrant.


Just some fan art…Don Martin from Mad.


Some really cool concepts! You should finish them!