Taiwan earthquake (anyone elses websites effected)

Hey guys, just wondering how many of you have had websites effected by the taiwan earthquake?

I can’t access any emails, or do anything on/to my website, since the undersea cables have all been cut by the earthquake. no ETA on it being fixed either.

Supposedly the whole region’s internet is totally buggered.

My host is in HongKong BTW.


I read about it on wikipedia just 3 minutes ago. I’m, of course, not affected but there are enough guys dependent on Asian cables here.
I suppose it’ll take a while to fix, but this proves how fragile we sometimes are…

Yep. I’ve found it damned near impossible to connect to blender artists due to timeouts. When I do get through, the connection is next to useless. If this post succeeds, it will be only my second successful post to the forum for three days. I haven’t seen any news so I had no idea of the cause.

Most other websites, including Google, are working normally though. :confused:

On the bright side, I’ve received only two spam emails in the last three days.

humm, my locaton is in Indonesia, we’re affected bad, especially last week. It’s on the news too, they said most internet cafe can’t open anything other than local websites. Right now I can’t open google, but yahoo’s working fine tho. Can’t open blendernation sigh