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I would like to present you with free 3d models that we made for a new scene in Unreal Engine. On our website we share a blend file which contains a set of 50 books. It’s free to use for commercial and private projects. First 20 books were edited by interpreter. The rest will be shortly updated.

Something about the night scene. We used some free objects that we share at our page (headphones and books) and a window that we shared some time ago at Blendswap.
We used textures from Poliigon (floor and brick wall) and rendered everything using Corona renderer. Making covers took us something about one day of work, and every cover is unique.

The second scene which contains only books was rendered using Cycles (11520px x 2838px) took us about 2h on single GTX 1080 to render (with original size of textures, shared file contains downscaled textures, but it looks acceptable - check Corona renders).

Because we just started with our own company, we hope that you can appreciate our work by following us on our FB fanpage, Artstation and Behance. Thanks!

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Happy Blending

Adam Zorian Radziszewski owner of AZR Studio[/B]

And cycles render of the set:

and view in Ue4: