Take a car demo 1

hi guys I’ve been working on a game and Finalize a part of testing,
I did an AI for the cars, lap, countdown, I think I’m still working on the q next version will be more stable and better!
here I leave you guys the link




thanks friends :cool:

nice ! like it!

nice simple demo

handling/controls work well
track and scenery looks nice and clean
cars all look cool
ai was simple but kept me on my toes…

just wondering if the remaining tracks will have any height difference in the terrain or are you just going to keep them flat as per the demo ? (not that I see anything wrong with that…)

cant wait for the next update or completed game - well done



It’s me, Rekedens from Youtube :slight_smile: Love this game so far, looks awesome. Would make a wicked in-browser game or even a MMO! :slight_smile:

Thanks man:)

thanks dude
I’ll make more changes in the next updates, tracks with equal height difference you said, I’m even doing that will be a bonus where the player will be able to choose to race or just a stroll in one of the cities …
there you will walk through town with a GTA SA style, very cool’m working on it!
here’s a video so you can see!

Thanks man!
I still have the design of the RPG, I and my friends are doing …
I do not know the date we make the first demo of the RPG but soon I think
something will come out xD
thanks for the comment!
maybe one day I make a game for browsers xD would be a great idea a game
Flash xD

Looks fun, maybe you can use this for something? -> http://www.blendswap.com/3D-models/vehicles/ave-o9x4-wheels-not-included/

thanks dude
I will put your name in the credits since it was you who showed me the car

Hello friends I made one up in the game
now with mini racing cars xD
I hope you like the demo will soon make available two xD

Hello friends I was in the game changes
I made a second version of the sample mode mini cars
where you can play in homes, farms, and even in streets with mini cars!
I am providing the file so that you may evaluate xD
here this


I hope you like :evilgrin:

Looks cool! I tried to download but it says the file request is not valid.

i really like the game! better than f1 online which i played so far:)

ive been recently intrested in car racing games and wanted to study the .blend file but every time i go to download it from 4 shared it tells me that the file is invalid
could you please upload it to like mediafire or the blenderartistsite site or somthing
Looks great btw =D

It looks like gta lol. You just have to use some lights, more people and buildings.

Nice i like race a car:)

This is really a fantastic creation.