Take a look at my puma!

Hello, I wonder if you guys who are more experienced in modelling could take a look at my puma. Here is a screenshot with my model and the blend is below. If you want you can edit it and help me out. Cuz I’m not pro with blender yet, or you can just give me some tip on how to improve it. I put my questions in the image. Sorry for the size xD

You’ll get more critiques if you post an image, not just the model. My first piece of advice would be to model the puma in a basic, standing position. The cat equivalent of the human “T-Pose”. It’s done that way to make posing and animating easier. You may not want to animate him, but you may want to create a scene with several pumas, for example, and you could use yours as the base mesh. As for the model itself, it’s a bit too cut-out looking. The legs are all doing the same thing. It’s also a bit square. I see that you’ve used a lion king lion drawing, but you really need a 3 view to be effective. Side, top, front to start, then maybe some more views to work out the details.

Its a good start! Apply a subsurf (lvl 2). I would also try to make the model less “square”.

Ok thanks for your help, but it’s supposed to be a game model. That you control ingame, so I’m not going for realistic. And I’m not gonna make a next gen game, I’m just a beginner at this so don’t flame me xD. Anyway I edited the first post with a screenshot. Please help me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok bump:evilgrin:

do a serach for tiger in this forum
there is a good tut on tiger and hsould give you some ideas about how to


Ok thanks, and sorry for being a stupid noob. I’l go search for it right away.:eyebrowlift:

this is a leopard texture near the top of the page
it might help you and check out the hair tut also



Hey ricky blender you seem to be a smart guy, maybe you could tell me how to make the eyelid. I have been thinking but I’m stuck…hmm…and then how many polys are normal on a game character? And thanks for your texture tutorial, when the model is finished I’l have to texture it of course. And then thanks for your patience, all newbies start out like this. Some day I wish to become as skilled as you, and does fur really work in the game engine?? :confused:

And sorry for my english…
And I’l update the first post with more screens when I got any. And Ricky, I didn’t find the tiger tutorial when I searched for it. I must be blind, but what tutorial are you talking about?:slight_smile:


try theses

sorry but i’m not really into game engine for animation
this usually requries low poly model so not certain if you can use the fur on for that?
may be othere people an help more with this subject


i guess it’s good looking for game engine
low poly and general good shape

nice work


Ok thanks, I’m a bit confused about what you are saying but thanks…and I just realized that this guy will be hard to animate because he is not standing right. So I guess I give up on this model too :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks you guys who replied :stuck_out_tongue: