Take a look at this desktop

Don’t remember where I came across this desktop pic, but I really like it. Does anyone have any ideas how this was accomplished? It looks like XP - and they have AVDesk and StyleXP installed, but that doesn’t cover everything, i.e., the entirely redesigned shell, the utilities in the upper right corner… the meters in the lower right, etc… A

nyone have any ideas how to duplicate this?



interesting… I like the wallpaper. Could anyone help me find that?

there are a few alternate WIndows Shells.

things like Geoshell will completely replace Windows with its own software, keeping only the background OS.


You could go ask at the Neowin forums if no one here knows.

that’s rainmeter on the top right, u can skin it to display all sorts of info on ur desktop. the bottom right, seems to be umm…just icons, but u can get a mac style thing that when u hover over it, it magnifies…it’s called Y’z Dock…but it’s been stopped due to mac likeness…ummm, yeah, but its’ mostly rain meter…umm the tool bar…i dunno…but there’s a lot of progs out there does does some custom tool bars…go on google and check out or search for this “engadget mac pc” on an article to make ur windows look like mac…

Don’t know what the shell is, but here’s the artist and link to the background image:

thanks munrion!

Not a problem! I saw it and just had to have it! Hoping against hope, I browsed Deviant Art until I saw the little guy in another picture with a heart, played a hunch by looking at the artist, borwsed his works and there it was.

Anyway, not a problem.

I like the wall paper but when its set as a wall paper the resolution is horrible and about making the windows look like a mac i find it interesting and would be very grateful if someone could find the shell/theme. Thanks. This is the best visual desktop ive ever seen. :o

i think the creator of the wall paper created everything else . if your interested ask the creator of the wal,paper.

Or better yet, fire up Blender and make your own! (wallpaper, that is…) :slight_smile:

if u wanna find where u found the pic go to your computer’s history and check for it.

but say he has had it for 6 months… I would do as the others have said, and email the artist with the pic and see if they can give you any leads.

that looks like Geoshell with a nice skin on.
the meters ect ,are just Geoshell plugins.

ive emailed the author i havent gotten a response.

i contacted the author he said that the wallpaper was his but he doesn’t know how to make the desktop look that way.

I found it. Check this link.

i have a question about geoshell. once i download it is it possible for me to uninstall after I install it

yes,just go add remove prog in control panel.
i had geoshell on my pc,but it sucks.

take a look at samurize as well…