Take A Rest And Lets Talk About Instruments. =)

I believe this is that right place to post this since this is the off-topic. :slight_smile:

What are you listening to ? I am listening to :

the autumn offering - shadows of betrayal

I love Death METAL >:-) I just Made up a new Crazy Solo
I miss my old band I been with them for almost 2 and a half years but I had to move on to a better band. :frowning: So far I can play some slipknot Arch enemy and some lamb of god solos. hard to learn tho. :stuck_out_tongue:
I might buy me Micks mask from slipknot and play giutar while wearing micks mask xD.

I am saving up for a Dean Giutar right now I am using a Line6 Amp With a Gothic V Giutar that I got awhile ago I am probly going to sell it not sure yet for how much I will end up probly keeping it just so I have more selection of giutars so if I get bored of one giutar I can play the other one ect…

My first giutar ever was a Acustic Giutar then my seccond one was a Raptor Exp Black I still have it I play it once in a while my acustic I gave it to my friend long ago so he can learn the basics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any here in Elysiun that plays any instruments or has been in a band ?


Well, i played the trombone and the piano in high school. I’ve been learning how to play guitar on my own for a while and the only good thing i know is the solo from metallica’s master of puppets. Other than that im not very good ^.^

I like piano the best though.

Been in a few bands over the years, played a few instruments as well.

Bass - Heavy/Thrash Band
Drums - Death/Thrash Band
Drums - Rock/Punk Band
Over a period of about 10 years gigging in local pubs/clubs
First two bands was covers (metallica, etc.) Second was covers and original tunes (Obituary, Entombed etc.) Third was eclectic covers and original tunes (Allsorts).

Guitar, Brass, Banjo, Harmonica, Keyboards (for my own amusement and home recording).


1971 Les Paul Deluxe routed for full size Humbuckers

FrankenStrat which began life as a GR-202 Roland Guitar Synth controller

Vantage VSH-455 Japanese made ES-335 clone

I’m really itching to buy an ESP X-Tone


Marshall JCM-800

All kinds of rackmounted gear, Though not as much as in the good old 80’s

Nowadays I mostly play with my kids. My daughter sings, plays keyboard and my son plays bass.

On my own I use an Ardour based DAW to write and record insaniac fusion, jazz-rock influenced stuff.

Cool Heard master of puppets before execpt triviums version of it. :stuck_out_tongue: I never heard metallica’s version. Probly the same thing awsome :wink: giutar is easy to learn tho I know I been playing for like 3 years now not that long I am still learning myself but besides that ull get better :wink:

I never tryed the trombone before sounds hard. :frowning:

I tryed the piano before but its way to hard for. :stuck_out_tongue:
your probly better then me in piano and trombone :wink:

hmm… I gotta go for awhile I will be back soon everyone I just gotta run to the store then finish couple other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I am back lol that was fast and I think my net lagged cause when I posted last time here only Ven0mSevenX answered then all of a sudden 4 more posts lol lets see now

Cool you sound like a cool dad ^^. You gotta show your kids everything you know. ^^ 80’s music is still awesome I still listen to Deep Purple and Pink Floyd :smiley: Must be pretty hard being a parent I bet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tryed home recording turns out ok but I myself dont really like doing that. :stuck_out_tongue: Awsome Music I mainly just listen to death metal. I wana meet Slipknot in person but whenever I look at them with there masks they seem freaky to meet in person lol.

:slight_smile: I will check up on this thread later on I gotta go downstairs quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

You have no idea! Although my mom tells me my kids are really well behaved compared to me as a teenager. She always called me “Dennis the menace”, a very descriptive name.

I think my parents also think I am anoying somtimes I think parents have more trouble with there kids when there teens ? I might be wrong since I dont even have kids yet and not going to for a long time lol I gotta finish school first ect…get a place where they pay good also. :stuck_out_tongue: then I will think about it lol Next year is the first year of collage =) Cant wait :smiley: lol my girlfriend is not going to the same collage tho I will miss her. :P.

Here’s what I have:

Casio CTK-671 and RadioShack MD-981 Keyboards

Sony ACID Xpress 5 (I couldn’t afford teh real thing so I got the freeware)

FASoft N-Track Studio

M-Audio Uno USB interface

AC97 Avance audio card

So pretty much I’m all digital as far as recording goes.

The only software I use somtimes is giutar pro :stuck_out_tongue: I dont really like music softwares to confusing figuring them out :slight_smile: dont you find it confusing JoeSchmoe ?

Often times I get the software for free, and I guess that fills in the spt for having to pay for an expensive multi track recording hardware (even though they’re really neat) but figuring out how to use them is just done through exploration and ‘‘oh! I didn’t know that before…!’’ moments.

as long as I can find the record button, i’m freakin’ set.:smiley:

But usually the help files aren’t very helpful, they are kind of a lost cause. they either tell you what to do in little detail, wihtout including things like where certain buttons are, or tell you every button to press, without telling you what they do.

I’m pretty sure the Marshall JCM 800 was being shown at a Marshall demo I went to about the 80’s/90’s . That was about the time of the 200x series I think?
I was pretty excited to meet Jim beforehand as it was the first demo I’d been to. Lots of lesser known, marshall sponsored guitar players there twiddling like mad in true late 80’s style :smiley:

I finally got to talk to Jim while I was getting my Nigel Tufnel poster signed (oooh Tap), turns out he’s deaf as a post (or didn’t catch my accent). There’s some food for thought Bussman, perhaps keep it down below 11 and save your hearing :smiley:

I like acoustic and electric guitar music, but I tend to like acoustic more because I can hear the words more clearly, and it doesn’t give me a headache.:smiley: I’m not really into any one “pro” band, because I’m really picky about music, so I just like a song or two from one band, and then a song or two from another, etc.:o

As far as playing instruments, I took a little bit of piano about 4 years ago, and about 2 months ago I started learning the guitar. (The song I’m best at right now is Good Riddance/Time of Your Life by Green Day.) My parents got me a Starcaster by Fender starter pack, and it’s been working fine for me. (I’ll replace it when I can outplay it.;)) Right now it looks like I’ll be working through A Modern Method for Guitar, and I’m hoping to become a good sight-reader.

True enough JoeSchmoe as long as you or anyone know where the record button is and the stop recording button everything is good :cool:. ^^ because finding the reccord button is one thing but if you have not found how to stop reccording then I cant really say ull be a happy person. ^^

True enough chimpoid about the loundness of the amps I have my set on Insane somtimes on over drive but for the volume I have it set I think almost full blast o.o but I play giutar outdoors on full blast dose that still dammage your hearing ?

Dwarven fury, electric gtr gives you a headache?

Maybe I’m misjudjing, and forgive me if I am, but you must not like hard rock concerts much, do you? about a year ago, I saw Tesla and Ted Nugent at our state carnival. I was (to quote chimpoid:) ) “deaf as a post” that night when I went home, and the morning after. And that’s why I like it.

People say I’m picky about music too, but that’s just cuz I listen to music that very few people know (dream theater, tool, symphony X, etc.)

Sup Again ^^ DwarvenFury I remember you from when I first came to Elysiun xD you where the first one to help me out I believe ^^ True enough about the acustic giutar you can hear the words better I think both electric and acustic are good and they both have disavantages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Death: u should change your name to Deth (no A) as in MegaDeth.

NEways. About damaging your hearing, it takes a lot of amp to permanently damage it, like standing with a stethoscope up to a jet turbine, but most music is only loud enough to lower your hearing for several hours at the most. Unless you have the MTX jackhammer (google it) If you turn this bastard up to full volume you’ll literally have a heart attack. no joke.

First off MegaDeth actaully sounds better o.O I remember reading somwhere in elysiun like year and a half ago that you could change your name but I forgot where I saw it probly a sticky I will look into that soon :slight_smile: But If I change my name I hope no one will be like hey where is Death I think he stoped using blender :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: But I doubt that will happen since I am the only here in Elysiun That Types :


:slight_smile: And for the hearing part I am glad that it only stays for a couple of hours :stuck_out_tongue: not to mention I play giutar like couple feet away from my amp. :slight_smile:

I gotta google that o.O That sounds Insane but its probly only for concert use I bet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dwarven fury, electric gtr gives you a headache?
Not an electric guitar by itself, mainly “heavy” bands. I think I’m just more prone to headaches from noise than most of the people I know, because my friends and my bros can take a lot more than I can as far as “heavy” music.

Maybe I’m misjudjing, and forgive me if I am, but you must not like hard rock concerts much, do you?
You hit it on the nose. I’m not into hard rock, and most of the stuff that I like would fall into the “softer” side of the rock spectrum, i.e. not extremely loud. LOL, my mom probably even listens to heavier music than I do…:confused::smiley:

True enough about the acustic giutar you can hear the words better I think both electric and acustic are good and they both have disavantages. :stuck_out_tongue:
Acoustics are cool because of their resonance, and electrics are cool because you can control pretty much anything about the sound.:cool:

Yikes, I’d better go get my practice in for today before it gets too late and I get lazy…:smiley:

Actually it’s for your car. I saw it on “Pimp my ride.”